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  • 10:00 A rising star – celebrating the inaugural Egypt Petroleum Show (EGYPS)
  • 10:15 The vision for regaining Egypt’s status in international markets and within the future global energy mix – a new era and a changing landscape
  • 10:25 Underpinning development and sustainability – Egypt open for business. Insights into the vast oil and gas opportunities available to international partners
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  • 12:00 Global Ministerial dialogues panel

    • Country specific E&P opportunities in investment in the current market – the role of Government in driving direct foreign investment into both conventional and unconventional E&P activities

    • Energy in transition: the growing need for national policy and energy reforms including fuel subsidy reviews in the new ‘normal’ low price environment

    • The government’s role in fostering a nation’s oil wealth to drive growth of the broader sustainable country framework and economic development

    His Excellency, Dr Mohamed Shaker El Markabi His Excellency, Dr Mohamed Shaker El Markabi
    Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy,, Arab Republic of Egypt
    His Excellency, Tarek El Molla His Excellency, Tarek El Molla
    Minister Of Petroleum And Mineral Resources , Arab Republic Of Egypt
    Dr Stelios Himonas Dr Stelios Himonas
    Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Republic of Cyprus
    His Excellency, Dr Ibrahim Saif His Excellency, Dr Ibrahim Saif
    Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • Lunch
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  • 14:00 Global business leaders panel: the diversification of the global hydrocarbon industry

    • Oil market stability, $ per barrel price cycles, supply and demand forecasts

    • Global insights, opportunities and challenges for industry stakeholders

    • Creating effective strategies and initiatives for transforming oil companies into energy companies -  a must for long term sustainability?

    Martin Craighead Martin Craighead
    CEO, Baker Hughes
    Bob Dudley Bob Dudley
    Group Chief Executive, BP
    Marc Benayoun Marc Benayoun
    CEO, Edison Spa
    Tarek El Hadidi Tarek El Hadidi
    CEO, Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC)
    Claudio Descalzi Claudio Descalzi
    CEO, Eni
    Sara Akbar Sara Akbar
    CEO, Kuwait Energy Company
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  • 15:00 Egypt and the Mediterranean energy hub potential : vision, opportunities and challenges

    • Egypt as a global oil and gas transportation hub: industry potential, country strengths

    • North Africa’s existing oil and gas infrastructure: leveraging existing oil and gas processing, storage and distribution networks for transportation of local product to international markets

    • Insights into creating trading hubs and energy corridors in line with international standards and operational frameworks for hydrocarbons transportation in and through North Africa and the East Mediterranean

    • The growing need for new transportation routes and energy hubs for diversifying European energy dependence and ensuring continued product supply

    His Excellency, Tarek El Molla His Excellency, Tarek El Molla
    Minister Of Petroleum And Mineral Resources , Arab Republic Of Egypt
    Professor Toula Onoufriou Professor Toula Onoufriou
    Eng Amira El Mazni Eng Amira El Mazni
    Vice Chairman for Gas Regulatory Affairs, Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS)
    Ambassador Magdy Radi Ambassador Magdy Radi
    Foreign Ministers Assistant, Multilateral Economic Affairs and International Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Egypt
    Russell Hardy Russell Hardy
    Board Member, Vitol
  • Close of Day 1
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  • 10:00 On stage interview: global oil and gas outlook and future energy scenarios

    In this interview we bring together leading Chief Economists to provide their industry outlooks including:

    • Global oil and gas production outlook: energy security and geopolitical influences

    • Supply and demand: how will recent OPEC developments support the market?

    • Industry macro-economics and trends: investment strategies in today’s oil price reality

    • Redefining the industry: game changer expectations in the next 5-10 years?

    • Thinking outside the norm, anticipating and preparing for future challenges and opportunities – the need to continually adapt and adopt strategies based on the new reality - the role of innovation, technology and leadership

    Spencer Dale Spencer Dale
    Group Chief Economist, BP
    Wim Thomas Wim Thomas
    Chief Energy Advisor, Royal Dutch Shell
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  • 11:00 Panel discussion: looking ahead to increased integration – the voice of the industry; innovation, research and technology

    • Anticipating future trends and transformations in industry integration. What activities and approaches will we see define and spearhead growth in 2017 and beyond?

    • Research, innovation and technology – how can key stakeholders ensure these elements are part of their managements philosophy and culture?

    • From a technology perspective, what will companies be doing differently in 5-10 years? Will today’s main industry challenges be the same 10-20 years from now?

    Eng Mohamed El Sheikh Eng Mohamed El Sheikh
    Vice Chairman for Agreements and Exploration, Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS)
    Eric Carre Eric Carre
    Executive Vice President, Global Business Lines, Halliburton
    Catherine MacGregor Catherine MacGregor
    President, Reservoir Characterization Group, Schlumberger
    Frederico Justus Frederico Justus
    President – Regions Operations, Weatherford International plc
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  • 12:00 Leadership panel: North Africa as the future regional centre for exploration and production

    • Creating a more business friendly environment; liberalising the regions energy market and improving security to promote growth, international investment and collaboration, overcoming challenges and tapping into E&P potential

    • Creating step change towards a unified and solid North African petroleum industry; security, sustainability and governance

    • Accelerating production across existing fields and incentivising new exploration and development through new licensing rounds, subsidy phase out, arrears settlements and payment mechanisms

    • North African investment climate: energy contracts, policy updates, regulations, licensing and security

    James L. House James L. House
    Senior Region Vice President Egypt, Mid-Continent, Gulf Coast, Gulf of Mexico and International New Ventures, Apache Corporation
    Mohamed El Masry Mohamed El Masry
    Chairman, Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS)
    Zamri Jusoh Zamri Jusoh
    Vice President, Malaysia Petroleum Management BERHAD (PETRONAS)
    Jadalla Alaokali Jadalla Alaokali
    Member of the Board of Directors,, National Oil Corporation (NOC), Libya
    Jean Cahuzac Jean Cahuzac
    CEO, Subsea 7
  • Lunch

    Generating equal opportunities for women is not just a global priority but also part of Egypt’s national agenda for continued economic development. This imperative goal of the Egyptian government forms the core of our Ministerial panel’s discussion where we delve into topics such as:

    •  Whilst there are a growing number of commendable initiatives, research studies and policies that governments have devised, are these adequate to drive the agenda in reality? How is the government strategically bridging the gap between policy for gender parity and its implementation across the oil and gas sector? What are the metrics being used to access success?
    • How can the Egyptian youth be involved in gender disparity related challenges particularly in their workplace? Is there enough training for young oil and gas professionals entering the industry on the importance and relevance of achieving gender parity at the beginning of their careers?
    • Dissecting Egypt’s economic reforms from foreign direct investments to innovative investment policies with Egypt’s first female Investment Minister at the helm
    • How can Egyptian oil and gas industry expats contribute to the discussion on gender equality initiatives both globally and within Egypt?
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  • 14:30 Leadership panel: the quest for sustainable North African downstream development – refining, petrochemicals and marketing and distribution of refined products

    • How can North Africa’s downstream sector compete on an international scale? How viable is it that refineries can deliver and keep up with domestic needs and still prepare for future international export requirements? Are Egypt’s refineries ready for international fuel product specifications and standards?

    •Successfully applied global IOC/NOC partnership strategies for downstream integrated mega projects, from initial investment, the best models of cooperation and strategic routes to international marketing and distribution of refined products

    •Integrating the value chain; upgrading and revamping petrochemical facilities to stretch the feedstock potential and add value to operations

    Basil El Baz Basil El Baz
    Chairman and CEO, Carbon Holdings
    Mohamed Saafan Mohamed Saafan
    Chairman, Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding Company (ECHEM)
    Lawrence Kearns Lawrence Kearns
    Director, Europe, Africa and Middle East, Lubricants, ExxonMobil
    Momar Nguer Momar Nguer
    President of Marketing and Services & Member of the Executive Committee, Total
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  • 15:30 Panel discussion: Egypt’s 2021 modernisation programme – encouraging oil and gas development

    Established to unlock the oil and gas sectors full value chain potential as a growth and sustainable development engine for Egypt, the 2021 modernisation programme will create an efficient, self sufficient and empowered sector based on ethics, innovation, transparency, efficiency and safety.

    Set across 6 key pillars, the programme focuses upon:

    • Sector governance and organisation: investment attraction, sector structure reform, people

    • Sector operations and performance: downstream performance, upstream performance, hub strategy

    In this panel discussion, we hear how the programme is progressing and the opportunities it presents for investors and international companies looking to do long term business in Egypt.

    His Excellency, Tarek El Molla His Excellency, Tarek El Molla
    Minister Of Petroleum And Mineral Resources , Arab Republic Of Egypt
    Gasser Hanter Gasser Hanter
    Vice President, Country Chairman and Managing Director,Shell Egypt
    Osama Mobarez Osama Mobarez
    Undersecretary, Minister’s Technical Office, Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources
    Osama Elsaadawi Osama Elsaadawi
    Research and Development, Marketing Acting General Manager, Oil & Gas Skills (OGS)
    Ashish Khanna Ashish Khanna
    Programme Leader (Sustainable Development), The World Bank
  • Close of Day 2