The need to strategically drive gender parity in the global energy sector is critical and pressing.
The EGYPS 2018 Women In Energy Conference will facilitate and propel the discussion to create an action plan for driving more opportunities for female engineers and professionals in the Egyptian and North African energy sector.

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As the oil and gas industry turns to explore its unconventional resources, collaborate with the renewables industry to produce oil with minimal environmental impact, and simultaneously sustain the development of the industry, inclusion of more women within the workforce and utilizing their expertise is becoming increasingly imperative.
Following the success of the Women In Energy conference at the inaugural Egypt Petroleum Show in 2017, the second edition of the conference will host interesting and imperative discussions on topics such as:

  • Identifying best practices to drive gender diversity within the North African oil and gas industry
  • Analysing opportunities for growth and advancement for women within the growing Egyptian oil and gas sector
  • Evaluating the role of women’s network within the oil and gas company as a mentorship opportunity for women to grow in their given roles
  • Dissecting opportunities for women at board level, and determining the commercial value of having a diverse board for oil and gas companies.

Women In Energy will be held on 14 February 2018, Day 3 of Egypt Petroleum Show. Block your calendars to be a part of this initiative in advancing growth opportunities for women in the North African sector.

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