EGYPTAIR is the national airline of Egypt, based in the cosmopolitan City of Cairo. Since its establishment on May 7th 1932 it has become a treasured brand to be the first airline in the Middle East and Africa and the seventh in the world to join IATA. Throughout its 84 years of service, EGYPTAIR went through several stages of development and growth. EGYPTAIR flights are operated from Terminal 3 at Cairo International Airport where customers can enjoy a optimum service level in Star Alliance lounges that are owned and operated by EGYPTAIR.

EGYPTAIR AIRLINES network extends to reach more than 70 destinations in 60 countries around the world to meet the needs of its customers. EGYPTAIR has joined Star Alliance since July 2008 to be the 21st member of Star Alliance, which currently includes 27 members. By being a part of that huge network, EGYPTAIR customers are able to reach more destinations, as the alliance's network covers more than 1300 destinations in 193 countries around the world.

EGYPTAIR operates a fleet of modern aircraft, including the Airbus 330-300 which provides Flat Bed Seats in Business Class and Personal Screens in all classes in addition to the internet and mobile phone use facility. In addition to the Boeing 777-300ER equipped with Full Flat Bed Seats in Business Class and Personal Screens in all classes.


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Rania Ahmed
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