The inaugural EGYPS HSE Excellence in Energy Award recognises outstanding organisational achievements in health, safety or environmental protection across all parts of the oil and gas value chain.

The Award is open to NOCs, IOCs, EPCs, service providers, OEMs, technology and solution providers, whose innovative HSE initiatives have been agile in implementation and have had a substantial impact on their operational processes.

The EGYPS HSE Excellence in Energy Award is led by a high-level Regional Select Jury that will review, grade, and select shortlisted finalists through an unbiased evaluation process.


How can you submit entries?

Visit www.egyps.com/hseaward and complete the online submissions form

Who can submit entries?

  • Oil and gas companies based in Egypt, Africa and the Mediterranean regions with active operations for at least two years in the region where they are operating and submitting from

  • Entries can be submitted by NOCs, IOCs, EPCs, service providers, OEMs, technology and solution providers, and any business working within the oil and gas value chain

Submission eligibility criteria

  • Any company can submit multiple entries

  • Joint ventures, subsidiaries, merged and/or acquired companies with separate management teams and brand presence may submit separate multiple entries

  • Company representatives and individuals can submit multiple entries

  • All entries should be submitted in written English. Any entry submitted in a different language will not be considered

  • Please do not submit the same entry more than once. If an entry is submitted multiple times, the most recent entry will be considered with previous entries being deleted

  • There are no fees to submit entries

Supporting documentation

Your entries should include the following information:

  • Executive summary

  • Explanation of measurable impact

  • Explanation of implementation

  • Explanation of innovation

  • Explanation of why you believe you/your company deserves the Award

In addition, you are welcome to submit the following:

  • Recommendation letters from business stakeholders, and/or clients supporting the success of the HSE initiative

  • Publication editorials highlighting the company’s HSE initiatives

  • Evidence of other industry awards/recognition received, if any

Please ensure any recommendations and publications submitted to support the entry are not earlier than 1 April 2017 and not later than 1 June 2018

Regional Select Jury evaluation criteria

Measurable impact

Measurable impact of an HSE project or strategy on organisational, financial and/or environment level. For example, reduced number of incidents, achieving 0 fatality and/or reduced operating costs due to the use of available processes and innovative technology


Delivery of the project or strategy. Submissions should demonstrate that implementation of the project/strategy was lean and agile in terms of planning and/or the use of resources and technologies. Outline the scope of work, HSE actions applied to unplanned situations and resulting achievements

Innovation and originality

Innovation and originality. Quality, novelty and originality of the submission. Submissions should explain what is new and or/original about their HSE project, for example a technology they used was never used for HSE purposes before or it is the first time this kind of project was implemented in the region/globally etc


All information submitted as part of the Award submission process will remain confidential, and will only be shared with the Regional Select Jury for the evaluation of entries. Information submitted will not be released to the public.


Submissions Deadline: Wednesday 31 October 2018

For support with your submissions please contact: