Massimo Mantovani
Chief Gas & LNG Marketing and Power Officer

It is fundamental to have a recurring high level forum in which all involved institutions, partners and stakeholders can discuss their respective business strategy as well as identify opportunities that can further develop the gas market.


Dana Gas

EGYPS brings together global firms to Cairo to discuss local as well as global oil and gas issues. There are hundreds of speakers and over 400 exhibitors, thus providing an opportunity for Egypt to stake its rightful place in the global oil and gas industry. This is testimony to how far the Egypt Petroleum Show has developed and how important it is on the world stage.


Ms Diana Pankova
Head of Commercial Department
SIE Neftehim, LLC

“SIE Neftehim, LLC, being the engineering company, Licensor and supplier of catalysts and technologies with more than 60 years of experience, has chosen Egypt Petroleum Show 2020 as one of the leading international exhibition sites in the field of oil refining to promote its proprietary innovative catalytic technologies and catalysts in the market of Egypt and Africa.”


Waqas Ahmed
Sales Director
Middle East and Africa, Dräger Safety AG & Co.KGaA

“Having attended over the last few years we have witnessed the rapid growth of the Egypt Petroleum Show first hand. The development of the exhibition over the last few years has meant that it is a great opportunity to meet with a variety of different stakeholders in the market and as a result we would be missing out by not exhibiting.”