Engy Adly

Engy Adly

General Manager - Licenses & Contracts
Gas Regulatory Authority (GASREG)

Engy Adly has got 2 Bachelor degrees: (B.A. in translation from faculty of Al-Alson) and (B.A. from the faculty of law- ain shams university).

She started her professional career working for multinational companies where she experienced diversity overtime and her trilingual skills were enhanced as well.

She worked for General Electric International Incorporation where She was awarded as a 6 Sigma Master Green Belt Holder for improving work cycle processing at General Electric Industrial Systems.

Later, she joined “Johnson Wax Global Company” as “head of Planning and Foreign procurement Division”.

In 2003, she joined the petroleum sector working for EGAS in the Contracts Department where she gained expertise through participation in:

  • The LNG liquefaction plants agreements
  • The Tendering the 1st Floating and Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) in Egypt
  • The Clean Development Mechanism Project

In addition, she was assigned to establish a Contracts Department at Petrosalam Petroleum Company.

Mrs. Engy joined the regulator in the very early beginning, she contributed in developing the regulatory documents, the new law review sessions at the parliament and the executive regulations.

She is a member of the Licensing & Competition Committee at (ERRA) and a member of the Institutional working Group at (MEDREG).

Currently, she works as Licenses and Contracts General Manager at the Gas Regulatory Authority.