EGYPS 2019 Technical Committee

Created for the industry - by the industry. The 2019 technical committee, consisting of regional industry experts that will participate in the review and selection of all submitted abstracts, shaping the EGYPS 2019 Technical Conference agenda.

"In these challenging times globally, the role of technology and technical expertise becomes ever more important. It gives me great pleasure to chair the EGYPS 2022 Technical Committee and contribute to shaping the technical sessions that will support and fast-track industry recovery post pandemic and ensure robust operational resilience and business continuity plans."


EGYPS 2022 Technical Committee Chairman

Eng. Samir M. Abbadi

 Deputy CEO for Production, EGPC

  • Upstream: Exploration of Conventional Resources (CONV)

  • Upstream: Exploration of Unconventional Resources (UNCONV)

  • Geosience: Upstream Technology Developments (GEOT)

  • Oil and Gas Field Development (FD)

  • Drilling (DR)

  • Completions (COMPL)

  • Gas/LNG Processing, Transportation, Operations and Technology (GAS)

  • Offshore and Marine Technology and Operations (MAR)

  • Oil and Gas Economics, Concession Agreements and Project Finance (FIN)

  • Project Management and Execution (PM)

  • Operational Excellence (OpEx)

  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

  • Downstream: Refining Technology, Operations and Marketing (REF)

  • Downstream: Petrochemicals Technology and Operations (PET)

  • Biofuels, Alternative Fuels and Renewable Energy (BIO)

  • Digitalisation of Oil and Gas (DIGI)

  • People and Talent Development (PPL)