About the Conference

Spanning the entire oil and gas value chain, EGYPS 2022 Technical Conference has been created after a thorough two-stage review by the Technical Committee, comprising 89 oil and gas specialists.

The conference programme features 152 experts speaking at 40 sessions, covering the latest research findings, industry trends and challenges, new project developments, state of the art technologies, as well as industry best practices. The topics range from exploration, field development and drilling to project management, operational excellence and HSE, not forgetting refining and petrochemical developments, biofuels, gas processing, offshore and marine, people development, finance and digitalisation.

2020 and the start of the COVID pandemic, brought an unprecedented set of challenges to all industries globally.  In the energy industry, the risks and uncertainties experienced, coupled with decreased oil demand and a low price environment challenged and changed businesses and operations around the world.  As recovery continues, the EGYPS 2022 Technical Conference convenes the industry’s oil and gas professionals, providing the opportunity to learn how to stay technically relevant, digitally competitive and business resilient, fully embracing the new normal and the constantly evolving market landscape.




14:00 - 15:10
Session 4:  Innovative technologies for field development

Oil and Gas Field Development (FD)

Ramy Kotb, TSS - Technical Professional, Halliburton
Walid Eid, Subsurface Development Manager - PhPC, BP
  • Cost effective solution for metering flowrates in wet gas wells (subsea or topside)
    Dr Bruno G. Pinguet
    Dr Bruno G. Pinguet , International Business and Technical Manager , TUV SUD National Engineering Laboratory, Malaysia
  • PDO implementation of the newest generation of Autonomous Inflow Control Device (AICV) to control excessive water production within a major Oman oilfield
    Mahmoud Abd El-Fattah
    Mahmoud Abd El-Fattah , Principal Reservoir Engineer , InflowControl AS, Saudi Arabia
  • Development of a methodology for applying dynamic production logging technologies to regulate oilfield development and to improve hydrocarbon recovery
    Nadir Husein
    Nadir Husein , General Manager MENA , Geosplit, United Arab Emirates
15:10 - 16:20
Session 8:  Reservoir engineering case studies

Oil and Gas Field Development (FD)

Mahmoud Sobhy Fayed, Reservoir Engineer Department Head, Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO)
Gareth Smith, Subsurface Lead, Energean
  • An integrated study for sand production management: Gulf of Suez case study
    Mohamed Ameen Abdel Ghani Saad
    Mohamed Ameen Abdel Ghani Saad , Senior Reservoir Engineer , General Petroleum Company, Egypt
  • Challenges for optimisation and accuracy of flow measurements at standard conditions
    Dr Bruno G. Pinguet
    Dr Bruno G. Pinguet , International Business and Technical Manager , TUV SUD National Engineering Laboratory, Malaysia
  • Integrated gas lift optimisation: A case study from the Gulf of Suez
    Abdelrahman Mohamed Elhadidy
    Abdelrahman Mohamed Elhadidy , Senior Petroleum Engineer , Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO), Egypt
10:00 - 11:30
Session 32:  Developments in Enhanced Oil Recovery

Oil and Gas Field Development (FD)

Hossam El Sherif, Asset Subsurface Manager - ERQ, Kuwait Energy Egypt Company
Darius Shahsavari, Senior Vice President, IPR Energy
  • Maximizing CSS effectiveness by group steaming in fractured dolomite reservoirs
    Waleed Kortam
    Waleed Kortam , Reservoir Engineer , Scimitar Production, Egypt
  • Enhancing condensate reserves through thermal gas injection from a retrograde gas condensate reservoir in the Western Desert in Egypt
    Maged Alaa Taha
    Maged Alaa Taha , Reservoir Engineer , Badr Petroleum Company (BAPETCO), Egypt
  • Utilising the Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) technology to gain extra 20% in rigless oil production
    Hossam Eldin Salem
    Hossam Eldin Salem , Business Development Manager , Ajal Petroleum & Environment Integral Services, Kuwait
  • Microfluidics and nanotechnology for the Enhanced Oil Recovery applications
    Mohamed Ahmed Fathy Omran
    Mohamed Ahmed Fathy Omran , PhD Research Fellow , University of Stavanger, Norway
11:30 - 13:00
Session 36:  Unlocking the potential of mature fields

Oil and Gas Field Development (FD)

Shaheen Shaheen, Chairman’s Assistant, IPR Energy
Ahmed Rabie, Senior Specialist Reservoir Engineering, Kuwait Energy Egypt Company
  • Rejuvenation of a mature field through STOIIP validation using an integrated 3D geo-cellular dynamic model for a heterogeneous multi layered reservoir
    Mostafa Mamdouh Mohammed
    Mostafa Mamdouh Mohammed , Senior Reservoir Engineer , Dragon Oil - GUPCO, Egypt
  • Economic exploitation of Egypt’s mature fields post-pandemic
    Darius Shahsavari
    Darius Shahsavari , Senior Vice President , IPR Energy
  • The implementation of subsea retrievable instrumented choke technology to enable production enhancement, optimisation and flexibility, and deliver lowest total cost of ownership throughout the life-of-field
    Thomas McIlroy
    Thomas McIlroy , Subsea Engineer , OneSubsea, A Schlumberger Company, United Kingdom
  • Comparative modelling study between fishbones and hydraulic fractured wells in a low-quality reservoir
    Alberto Diaz
    Alberto Diaz , Mathematician , Rock Flow Dynamics, Spain
14:00 - 15:30
Session 40:  Integrated development planning

Oil and Gas Field Development (FD)

Mahmoud Naguib, Area Development Manager, BP
Ramzy Sawiris, Commercial & Engineering Manager, Chevron
  • Enhancing ultra-long-distance tiebacks of deepwater gas fields with subsea multiphase gas compression
    Christophe Vielliard
    Christophe Vielliard , Integrated Field Development Lead , OneSubsea, a Schlumberger Company, France
  • Quantifying the formation damage due to drilling through constructing an electro-facies model from RFT data and a suite of well logs: Case study, Sitra field, Western Desert, Egypt
    Ibrahim Mabrouk
    Ibrahim Mabrouk , Petrophysicist , Badr Petroleum Company (BAPETCO), Egypt
  • Fast track development of conventional oil discovery asset in the Western Desert of Egypt
    Hossam Kamel
    Hossam Kamel , Reservoir Engineer Oil Coordinator , Ieoc
  • The strength of RTA in the oil field development having mutli-layers stratigraphic reservoirs
    Mohamed Gallab
    Mohamed Gallab , Reservoir Engineer , Apache, Egypt