The EGYPS Youth Engagement Programme provides an onsite learning platform, engaging with high school students within the framework of STEM Education focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, to ultimately encourage them to pursue careers in the oil and gas industry.


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    Provide a focused learning platform at the region’s leading Oil and Gas Show, where high school students can gain further insights into the framework of STEM education including Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

  • Create a connection and put into context; the oil and gas industry and everyday life

  • Introduce students to future oil and gas career and employment opportunities

  • A platform for today’s energy leaders to connect and engage with the next generation workforce

  • Light the spark of student interest and get them thinking about their education, future career and industry choices



  • Industry Field Trips New for 2020

    Students will participate in a number of field trips including, oilfields, training and innovation centres and workshop facilities. EGYPS Youth Engagement Programme recognises the benefits of learning; these field trips are invaluable in providing hands-on experience for students to further understand what it means to choose a career in the oil and gas sector.

  • Treasure Hunt

    Students are invited to take part in a 30 minute treasure hunt game on the EGYPS exhibition floor. The game provides an invaluable opportunity for students to meet with exhibiting oil and gas experts and gain insights into the oil and gas industry and what a future career could mean for them

  • Experiential and Edutainment Zones

    The Experiential and Edutainment zones will provide a learning experience for all students during the exhibition. Comprising of 5 educational zones, designed to stimulate students engagement with sensory experiences of sight and hands on workshops.


Hesham ElAmroussy
Chairman & Managing Director
ExxonMobil Egypt

With the success of EGYPS 2019 Youth Engagement Program, ExxonMobil Egypt is pleased to continue sponsoring this effort that promotes the Oil and Gas industry to high school students. Focusing on human resources development and capacity building is critical to the success of the oil and gas modernisation strategy in Egypt. In EGYPS 2020, we are excited about the new modifications to the program components that aim to enrich the experience and learning of the participating youth.