TThe EGYPS 2019 Youth Engagement Programme is an onsite learning platform engaging with high school students within the framework of STEM Education focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to ultimately encourage students to pursue careers in the oil and gas industry. Four purpose built Experiential and Edutainment Zones provides learning platform for all students on the exhibition floor. The zones are designed to stimulate student engagement with sensory experiences of sight, smell and feel workshops

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Museum Zone

which will have an interesting journey exploring the discovery, extraction andproduction of oil and gas in Egypt. Students will have the opportunity to walk through timeand learn key milestones of the history of the Egyptian oil and gas industry

Oil & Gas Cinema

This zone will be set up as cinema theatre with colorful seats and will provide the students an opportunity to learn about Oil and Gas through watching selected movies

Health and Safety Zone

In this zone students will gain awareness about the hazards of working in oil & gas fields.Students will learn the importance of site safety, current regulations, equipment choices andavailable solutions.

Engineering Zone

In this zone students will learn some of the engineering design processes. Students will work as a team in building a prototype of a specific project that will be given to them upon their arrival to the zone. Students will learn the following skills: Problem solving, big thinking and team working skills