An official source at the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) stated exclusively to Egypt Oil&Gas that the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources has approved its new plan at the beginning of April and sent it to most of the state-owned oil companies’ heads in order to have it implemented during 2017.

The plan includes developing the discovered gas fields and connecting them to the daily production forces in order to fulfill the local needs of petroleum services and avoid any supply shortage all over the country.

Moreover, the source added that the new plan is aiming to increase natural gas production from 4.6bcf/d to 6bcf/d by the end of 2017. He also highlighted that EGPC told the heads of foreign companies operating in Egypt to work on increasing the production of natural gas by about 1bcf/d before the end of 2017, especially because of the deficit of up to 500mcf/d of gas that Egypt suffers from during summer.

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