Who can submit an entry for the Global Finance & Investment Awards?

The Awards are open to finance professionals in the global energy industry as well as financial institutions that work with or have invested in the energy industry. For the individual award category, the entrant can be part of a financial function. Please carefully review the eligibility criteria mentioned against each category for the exact information on who can enter.

Which countries are eligible to submit an entry?

EGYPS 2021 Awards accepts entries from all countries.

How can I submit my entry?

Visit www.egyps.com/fiawards and fill in the online form against the category you wish to submit your entry for. If you face any issues in submitting your entry, please email: egyps.fisawards@dmgevents.com

Can I submit an entry or does my company have to nominate me?

Entries can be submitted either by the individual directly or by the company’s corporate communications team.

Can I submit more than one entry?

No. Only one entry per person is permitted. Duplicate entries submitted within the same category and/or in another category will be deleted.

I am on the Advisory Committee of the EGYPS 2021 Global Finance & Investment Awards. Can I submit an entry?

To maintain transparency in the selection process, as a Member of the Advisory Committee, you cannot submit a direct entry nor can your business nominate you for the Finance Leader of the Year category. However, your company can submit an entry for the Financial Institution of the Year category provided your company meets the qualifications for this category.

Can a company submit more than one entry?

Yes, a company can submit more than one entry for the Global Finance Leader of the Year category. However, the same person cannot be nominated twice.

Can our joint-venture companies submit their entries separately? If so, can parent companies submit an entry on behalf of the JVs?

Joint ventures, merged and/or acquired companies, and subsidiaries can submit their entries separately if they have a separate brand presence from the parent company.

Do we have a limited number of entries per company/venture?

No. Companies can submit as many entries as they would like per company/venture for the Global Finance Leader of the Year category, provided they fit the eligibility criteria. A company/venture can submit only one entry for the Financial Institution of the Year category.

If I qualify as a finalist, will the organisers cover my travel and accommodation?

No. Travel and accommodation for the awards ceremony will be borne by the nominee themselves.

How are the entries evaluated and scored?

Entries are evaluated and scored on the quality of the submission received. There is a rigorous evaluation process where the Advisory Committee – comprising of industry leaders – review and grade each entry received through an online portal.

Scores from the online review are then tabulated and the top four finalists in each category will be announced during the 3rd week of October 2020. The Winner and the Highly Commended (runners up) will be announced during the awards ceremony on Tuesday 1 June 2021.

Winners and Highly Commended will be kept confidential and announced only during the Awards Ceremony. The Advisory Committee decision is final and binding.

What format is suitable for the uploaded material?

The following formats are acceptable when uploading an attachment as a supporting evidence

  • For texts: PDF
  • For images: JPG/JPEG, PNG, TIFF
  • For videos/movies: any video format (mp4, mov, flv, avi). The video must be highest possible quality, and must be under 4 minutes. This can also be a link to a website where the video can be seen (example: YouTube). Maximum video size should be 200 MB.
  • For presentations: PDF or PPT (maximum 10 slides)

Why is there a dateline on the supporting evidence? Why can I not submit evidence from three years ago?

The Global Finance & Investment Awards are annual, and therefore recognise individual and organisational achievements on an annual basis. Additionally, as the energy sector is rapidly evolving and emphasising on innovation and transformation, employees must adapt to it and hone their skills continuously. Whilst there are many subjective nuances, there is a high probability that what may have been valid and relevant a few years ago, may not be as important today.

I have missed an attachment. What should I do?

If you have submitted an entry and have missed an attachment or would like to request for minor edits, please email us on egyps.fisawards@dmgevents.com with the request. If you would like to make a major edit and/or amend more than 50% of the entry, please resubmit a new entry. We will delete the old entry.

When are the winners announced?

Winners and Highly Commended will be announced at the awards ceremony on Tuesday 1 June 2021.

Can my company sponsor an award category?

Yes. For more information, please contact egyps.sales@dmgevents.com