Who can submit entries for the Global HSE Excellence in Energy Awards?

Entries can be submitted by individuals from any company operating within the energy sector.

Can one person or one company submit more than one entry?

One person is allowed to submit multiple entries as long as they are for different projects/programmes. However, the same project/programme can only be submitted once.

If more than one company are working together on the same HSE project, can they submit separate entries?

No, there should be one entry per project only. The companies should decide between themselves who should submit the entry. If multiple entries from different companies are received, the Jury will decide which entry will remain and which one will be discarded.

Can multiple people submit entries for the same HSE project?

No, there should be one entry per project only. The team should decide between themselves who will submit the entry. Alternatively, the entry can be submitted by a representative from the corporate communications department.

Can Awards Jury members submit entries for the Global HSE Excellence in Energy Awards?

To ensure the utmost transparency, the Jury members are not allowed to submit awards entries.

Which countries are eligible to submit an entry?

EGYPS 2021 Awards accept entries from all countries.

How can I submit the awards entry?

Visit www.egyps.com/hseawards, select the category you wish to submit your entry for and fill in the submission form. Please upload the PowerPoint presentation describing your project or programme, the template is available to download from our website. If you face any issues in submitting your entry, please email: egyps.hseawards@dmgevents.com

What information is mandatory for the awards entry submissions?

All awards categories require a PowerPoint presentation that follows EGYPS template and addresses all the evaluation criteria. The template is available to download on EGYPS website. Please note that your presentation cannot be longer than 20 slides.

Why is there a dateline on the supporting evidence? Why can I not submit evidence from three years ago?

The HSE in Energy Awards is an annual event, and therefore, recognises achievements on an annual basis. Additionally, as the energy sector is rapidly evolving and emphasising on innovation and transformation, employees must adapt to it and hone their skills continuously. Whilst there are many subjective nuances, there is a high probability that what may have been valid and relevant a few years ago, may not be as important today.

I forgot to include an attachment to my entry, what should I do?

If you have submitted an entry and forgot to include an attachment or would like to request some minor edits, please email us on egyps.hseawards@dmgevents.com with the request. If you would like to make a major edit and/or amend more than 50% of the entry, please resubmit a new entry. We will automatically delete the old one.

On what instance may an award entry be disqualified?

Awards entry will be automatically disqualified due to the following reasons:

  • PowerPoint presentation submitted is longer than 20 slides
  • Failure to provide mandatory documents with your submission
  • Incorrect or falsified information submitted

What criteria are used to evaluate the awards entries?

All awards categories have the following evaluation criteria: measurable impact, quality of the delivery, innovation and transferability. Detailed information on evaluation criteria is available on the website and in the Global HSE Excellence in Energy Awards brochure.

How are the entries evaluated and scored?

Entries are evaluated and scored according to the judging criteria outlined on the website and in the HSE Excellence in Energy Awards brochure. There is a rigorous evaluation process, where the Awards Jury – comprising of industry leaders – review and grade each entry received through an online system.

Scores from the online review are then tabulated and the top six entries in each category are shortlisted for a face-to-face interview with the Jury members at the meeting scheduled to take place in Cairo on Tuesday 12 January 2021.

Following the face-to-face interviews, four finalists are shortlisted in each category. Finalists are announced and informed after the Jury meeting.

If I have been invited for a face-to-face interview with the Awards Jury or have been shortlisted as a finalist, will the organisers cover my travel and accommodation expenses?

No, Awards entrants are responsible for their travel or accommodation expenses. If an entrant has been invited for a face-to-face interview and is unable to travel, the organiser will try to arrange a virtual video conference instead.

When are the winners and highly commended announced?

The winners and highly commended are kept confidential and are only announced at the awards ceremony that will take place on Tuesday 1 June 2021 during the Egypt Petroleum Show (EGYPS).

Can my company sponsor an award category?

Yes, various sponsorship opportunities are available. For more information, please contact egyps.sales@dmgevents.com