Pakinam Kafafi

Pakinam Kafafi


Mrs. Pakinam Kafafi is an energy expert who has been operating with TAQA Arabia since 2006. She is taking pride in having an exceptional 23 years of track record of accomplishment advancing to leading Egypt’s largest home grown private sector Energy Distribution Company. As TAQA CEO, Mrs. Kafafi undertakes managing the strategic policies of TAQA Arabia, through an amalgamated leadership ability, influencing skills and in-depth energy industry expertise to deliver on the group’s targets, objectives, and profit uplift amidst aggressive economical and market challenges.    

Taqa Arabia's grew under Mrs. Kafafi's management installing in the Power Sector a capacity of over 1,000 MW. Also, establishing 50 fuel stations (including 7 CNG stations) connecting almost 1 million household gas customers through a distribution network in 11governerates in Egypt. Moreover, under her administration, performance had excelled and increased by 10% sold electricity, gas residential by 28% and oil station by 30% in the year 2014/2016 along with the MDs to grow its turnover from EGP 1.8 billion in 2014 to EGP 2.8 billion in 2016.

The social responsibility dimension was not absent from the plans of TAQA Arabia under the management of Mrs. Kafafi as the company has been committed to community endeavors as part of its corporate social responsibility program, the company upheld this tradition by contributing to Habitat for Humanity Egypt through a fruitful American Chamber of Commerce fundraising event. The main goal of Habitat’s work in Egypt is to build and renovate homes for 10% of Egypt’s impoverished citizens by 2023. To this day, the foundation has successfully built more than 20,000 homes for over 100,000 people who would otherwise find themselves homeless.