Tuesday 12 February 2019 - Wednesday 13 February 2019

As Egypt develops its vast oil and gas reserves, new projects and new opportunities arise for oil and gas majors to tap into. As such, companies look to invest and develop these projects to further expand their portfolios and market position. New financing methods are also becoming available, such as different lending options, IPOs and access to different sources of capital.

What is the EGYPS CEO Finance and Investment Briefing?

The EGYPS CEO Finance and Investment Lunch Briefing, will gather government representatives, NOCs, IOCs, local operators, local and international banks, private equity firms, to discuss financing structure opportunities for mega projects throughout the value chain and the role of M&As, JVs and IPOs as a platform to support growth and diversification across the oil and gas sector.

Who will you meet?

C-level Executives: CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, Founder, Chairman, Head of Global Capital and Asset Management, Head of Private Equity, Managing Directors, General Managers from IOCs, NOCs, Independent operators, Service and Technology companies, Law firms, Private Equity firms and Banks

13:00 – 14:30
CEO Finance & Investment Lunch Briefing
  • Lunch briefing gathering government representatives, NOCs, IOCs, local operators, local and international banks and private equity firms

    Ministerial Opening Keynote: Egypt’s continuous efforts in developing finance and investment opportunities that create economic growth

    • Review of the government’s economic reform programme and sustainable growth rates – pinpointing success factors, leadership structures and supporting frameworks

    • Insights into the country’s adopted reforms to further regain investor confidence, stability, investment and securing strong economic indicators for Egypt’s oil and gas industry

    The Mediterranean and North African Governors Panel

    Gathering regional bank Governors to discuss financial stability, economic regional development and collaboration

    • Engaging in regional economic dialogues to achieve sustainability of smart investments and financial growth models

    • Revising fiscal regimes and attracting the right investors to expand the oil and gas partnership and investment models

    • The gateway to a regional financial hub: emerging and leveraging the region’s increased levels of intergovernmental cooperation and its largest gas reserves to create a finance and investment hub – creating milestones to achieve progress, enhance value and secure returns

    • Creating an investment paradise: assessing socio-political factors, determining realistic financial objectives and increasing cross-country and industry partnerships

    • The technology perspective: how should banks incorporate big data analytics into their ‘smart growth’ strategy? How are digital technologies being used and how can financial operations be enhanced?

    The role of M&As, JVs and IPOs in supporting the oil and gas industry quest for development and market penetration

    • Understanding investment decisions and determining factors for IPOs – the path to succeed with this business strategy, create diversification of assets and secure portfolio optimisation

    • Seeking new opportunities for value creation: how can M&As and JVs support a company’s strategy to tap into new markets? What sources of capital access can they offer? Developing new operating models to enhance the evolution of partnerships within today’s digitally creative and disruptive world

    • Developing unparalleled success with big transactional acquisitions throughout the oil and gas value chain

10:00 - 11:30
CEO Finance & Investment Brunch Briefing
  • Running simultaneously, the CEO Finance and Investment Roundtables will focus on:

    Roundtable 1: The ins and outs of Egypt’s IPOs – overview and market opportunities

    • In 2018 at least six companies announced intentions to float their shares, causing the highest market activity in Egypt since 2011. What are the latest Egyptian IPO trends and where do we see the market heading? Which sectors are more attractive to investors? Will the market see an increase on IPOs in the oil and gas industry?

    • Egypt’s IPOs: how will they enable consolidation of revenues? With the Central Bank continuing to cut interest rates, will companies increase their borrowing power?

    • Finding new finance sources and raising more capital: the need to diversify investment options to attract investors whilst regaining market confidence. What financial options and benefits can companies encounter by investing in Egypt’s oil and gas sector?

    Roundtable 2: Review of Egypt’s economic reform programme: restoring stability, confidence and boosting the country’s growth

    • Understanding the main drivers for Egypt’s economic growth: insights into the creation of new job opportunities and reform of the country’s macroeconomic landscape to ensure sustainable development

    • How is Egypt securing gains from its macroeconomic stabilisation programme and harnessing the reforms full growth potential?

    • The roadmap to economic stability and paving the way for long-term growth: what’s next for Egypt’s economic reform and how will it help boost investments in the energy sector?

    Roundtable 3: Attaining attractive project finance for smart growth and successful project delivery

    • The country’s guide to accessing project finance throughout its energy mix: oil, gas and renewables: understanding what finance and investment Egypt needs to fulfil its full potential; evaluating risks and opportunities

    • What types of project finance can NOCs/IOCs have access to? What type of projects do lenders look at it and how to identify the best ROI and outcomes for both parties?

    • Micro-macro dynamics: evolution of policies, tendencies and market changes to ensure Egyptian projects are more attractive to investors. Who are the key beneficiaries and contributors to Egypt’s energy project developments?

    • Funding mega-projects vs funding smaller projects: which provides better margins and quicker returns? What are the most attractive to lenders on the short and long-term?

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