Yehia El Husseiny

Yehia El Husseiny

Corporate Governance Project Manager
International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Yehia El Husseiny is the Corporate Governance Project Manager for Egypt and Levant markets, Middle East and North Africa (MENA), at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) – World Bank Group.

Yehia has more than 20 years of experience in private sector development and managing advisory projects catered to the financial, agriculture, manufacturing, retail, education, technology, energy, and service sectors. He joined the World Bank Group in 2006, he is now leading donor-funded advisory projects in MENA with a focus on fragile and middle-income countries. Yehia succeeded to innovatively expand the corporate governance advisory services and in championing the business development activities to grow the portfolio clients in MENA. He conducted several in-depth diagnostics and assessments in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, West Bank, and the Gulf. He provides technical support to regulators in developing effective governance frameworks, and he helps building the capacities of institutes of directors. He is a promoter for gender diversified boards, he led three comprehensive research studies on board diversity in the Middle East and in East Asia Pacific to raise awareness on the value of women on boards.

Before joining the World Bank Group, he worked with the USAID for many years, and as assistant professor he taught micro, macro, and environmental economics at MSA University. Yehia pursued his PhD at Georgia University and now he is his final academic year to obtain his doctorate degree in Corporate Governance from the Maastricht School of Management (MSM) at which he received his MBA and MPhil degrees. He was trained on Corporate Governance at Harvard School of Business and North Carolina University. Yehia is a Certified Compliance Professional (CCP) from the IABFM and a GBLP graduate from INSEAD.