About the Conference

Spanning the entire oil and gas value chain, EGYPS 2022 Technical Conference has been created after a thorough two-stage review by the Technical Committee, comprising 89 oil and gas specialists.

The conference programme features 152 experts speaking at 40 sessions, covering the latest research findings, industry trends and challenges, new project developments, state of the art technologies, as well as industry best practices. The topics range from exploration, field development and drilling to project management, operational excellence and HSE, not forgetting refining and petrochemical developments, biofuels, gas processing, offshore and marine, people development, finance and digitalisation.

2020 and the start of the COVID pandemic, brought an unprecedented set of challenges to all industries globally.  In the energy industry, the risks and uncertainties experienced, coupled with decreased oil demand and a low price environment challenged and changed businesses and operations around the world.  As recovery continues, the EGYPS 2022 Technical Conference convenes the industry’s oil and gas professionals, providing the opportunity to learn how to stay technically relevant, digitally competitive and business resilient, fully embracing the new normal and the constantly evolving market landscape.




10:00 - 11:30
Session 31:  Addressing reservoir characterisation challenges

Upstream: Exploration of Conventional Resources (CONV)

Dr Ahmed Sultan, Petrophysics Department Manager, Tharwa Petroleum Company
Dennis Anestoudis, Exploration Manager, Energean
  • A new chapter in the Gulf of Suez seismic exploration: Seismic simulation of a joint ocean bottom node and towed-streamer acquisition
    Abdalla Abouelela
    Abdalla Abouelela , Geophysics Lead, Middle East and North Africa , Schlumberger, Egypt
  • Structural evolution and petroleum potential of the Gulf of Suez and Red Sea rift system, Egypt
    Ibrahim El Dessouky
    Ibrahim El Dessouky , Exploration Project Manager , Ieoc - Eni, Egypt
  • 150 million years of punctuated sediment delivery to the Mediterranean: Re-visiting the Matruh Canyon, offshore Egypt
    Andrew Madof
    Andrew Madof , Senior Geologist – Egypt Frontier Exploration and Appraisal , Chevron, United States of America
  • Challenges of combining field outcrops and e-logs to improve oil recovery in Cenomanian reservoirs - WD
    Diana Mohamed Helmy Mohamed
    Diana Mohamed Helmy Mohamed , Instructor , Sunreeja Oil & Gas, Egypt
11:30 - 13:00
Session 35:  Rock physics insights

Upstream: Exploration of Conventional Resources (CONV)

Aristotelis Pagoulatos, Head of Geoscientists, Hellenic Petroleum S.A.
Amr Moukhtar, Geoscience Advisor, Halliburton
  • Comparison between three methods for bypassed oil detection in thin laminated sand environments
    Renata Gomes
    Renata Gomes , Senior Petrophysicist , Schlumberger, Egypt
  • Pre-Messinian seismic characterisation: Is a bright-spot presence still possible? A recent unexpected finding
    Bruno Garcea
    Bruno Garcea , Lead Senior Geophysicist , Edison E&P, Italy
  • New formation evaluation technique from LWD (gamma ray and resistivity only) of all kind of petroleum wells, especially high risk wells
    Samir Shehab
    Samir Shehab , Exploration Studies Assistant General Manager , Western Desert Operating Petroleum Company (WEPCO), Egypt
  • Revealing behind casing hydrocarbon potentials in naturally fractured carbonate reservoirs: An innovative integrated workflow, Chiapas-Tabasco basin, South Mexico
    Ahmed Elfaramawy
    Ahmed Elfaramawy , Senior Petrophysicist , Cheiron Petroleum Corporation, Egypt
14:00 - 15:30
Session 39:  Innovation in prospect evaluation

Upstream: Exploration of Conventional Resources (CONV)

Ahmed Hamouda, Country OFS Leader - Egypt and Sudan, Oilfield Service, Baker Hughes
Moataz Nady, Senior Explorationist (New Ventures), Eni
  • New opportunities in an old play: The Western Desert offshore extension
    Stefaan Van Simaeys
    Stefaan Van Simaeys , Geoscientist , ExxonMobil, United Kingdom
  • Flash on the exploration process, Messinian sand reservoir, Nile Delta, Egypt
    Dr Amgad Soliman
    Dr Amgad Soliman , Nile Delta Exploration Team Leader , Eni - Ieoc, Egypt
  • Egypt offshore the Mediterranean: New strategy and insights to accelerate exploration and development cycle
    Amr Talaat
    Amr Talaat , EUG Evergreening Mediterranean Team Leader , Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC), Egypt
  • New insight on the biogenic gas occurrence at NW Peloponnese, Western Greece
    Ioannis Oikonomopoulos
    Ioannis Oikonomopoulos , Senior Geochemist , Hellenic Petroleum, Greece